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Shanghai PMFLEX Industry Material Co, Ltd has been specializing in banner material for digital printing since 2007. Our products contain PVC Flex Banner, Vinyl Sticker, Fabric Banner Material, and PVC Tarpaulin. Our annual production exceeds 120 million square meters. We have exported our materials to 90+ countries. It is benefited from our professional & passionate sales team, with each one is an expert in this field. If you are looking for products with quality assurance, please contact us for more specific information.

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11 Industry Sewing Tips for Delicate Fabrics The Evans Group

4. Cut with a Tissue Paper When Possible. When you’re dealing with delicate fabrics that like to get away from you, it can help to use stabilizers that will keep your materials in one place while you work. For the most convenient and affordable solution, place tissue paper between or under the layers of fabric.

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How to Adjust Sewing Machine Settings (Quilting, Cotton…)

Settings for velcro velcro is a thin lightweight fabric so everything should be near the low end of the scale with the length at to mm, tension should be about 3 to 4. Settings for upholstery straight stitch needle over center for width, length is set at …

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How to Sew with Knit Fabrics: Top Tips for Beginners

15/3/2019· Tension: When using light to medium weight knit fabric you may need to adjust your tension u to 45. With more stable knits you''ll find a tension around 34 works well. Stitch Length: A longer stitch length will cause less warp on a knit fabric with topstitching. For your zigzag stitch, a will help ensure that the fabric doesn''t pucker.

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Balanced Embroidery Thread Tension: A Must For High …

Embroidery thread tension is one of the most frustrating subjects within the world of embroidery and learning to adjust and maintain good balanced embroidery thread tension is a skill that must perfected. Once you develop this skill it will make a huge difference in your production and the quality of your finished embroidery. Very often […]

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Needles, What Size and Type to Use for What Fabric!

If it is a knit fabric, you must use a 70/10 ballpoint needle for these fabrics in order to eliminate any holes in them. If it is a woven fabric that is still soft and stretchy, then you must use a 70/10 sharp needle. It is very important to know whether your moisture ...

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The Materials of Tensile Fabric Architecture Architen Landrell

For External Use: – Coated fabrics. For external Use there are two main choices PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) coated polyester cloth and PTFE (Poly Tetra Fluro Ethlene) (Teflon) coated glass cloth. The PVC coating contains additives that include UV stabilisers, fire retardants, colouring and antifungicides. There is a choice of protective PVDF ...

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Dealing with common thread tension issues The Sewing …

When sewing fabrics together problems can occur when the thread tension is not correct, the needle or bobbin is not inserted properly, or the machine is not threaded correctly. Threading instructions for sewing machines and overlockers are included in the machine’s manual and should be consulted before you start sewing.

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How to Sew Sheer Fabrics Sewing From Home

21/4/2020· Now, measure the width of your curtain rod and add 2 inches. Fold the top edge of your fabric equal to this measurement. Pin along this edge, then about 1 inch from the top of the fabric. Sew along these two rows of pins and you will have your curtain rod pocket. Finally, fold the bottom edge to the back and sew.

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Lining Fabric Guide: Application, Types, Properties and Selecting …

Summer clothes like flimsy dresses, skirts, pants: choose cotton lining fabric for cotton garments (lawn, voile, or batiste) and silk lining for silk ones (habotai, chiffon, satin, crepe de chine). Viscose and rayon linings are also a great option. Evening gowns, skirts, velvet and brocade jackets: go with china silk, silk satin, silk crepe or ...

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How to Adjust Sewing Machine Tension (Reviews Updated 2022)

So for instance, if the tension dial on your sewing machine is pointing to the number 7 on the dial, and you need to decrease it, you will only want to do it by ½ or 1. Then, you should go back and do some stitching again on the scrap fabric. If you still find the thread to be visible on the other side, meaning it’s too loose on one and too ...

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Tension Guide |

Some threads require very loose tension in order to achieve balanced stitches. Metallic thread, for example, is a beautiful decorative thread. However, it is not as strong as a 40 wt. polyester quilting thread and will need the top tension reduced to (very loose). When the appropriate tension adjustments are made, you can use a mixture of ...

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Sewing Machine Tension. Complete Undestandble Guide

1. sometimes the thread isn’t securely lodged in the take up lever and it pops out after a few stitches; 2. The presser foot was not up when the machine was threaded. This means the tension disks were closed at the time and did not ‘receive’ the thread so …

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How to Achieve Ideal Sewing Machine Tension Threads

21/11/2019· Lint sometimes collects in the tension disks. Thread your machine as usual. Pull some thread off the spool in the machine and cut it close to the spool. Tie two or three overhand knots in the thread, and be sure they are tight. Unthread the needle, and pull the knotted thread through the tension disks down by the needle.

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